As I observed beforehand, 30 April brought the CHI SIG on Research-Practice Interaction, a topic suggested by Elizabeth Buie, Aaron Houssian and myself.Sadly, I missed our SIG personally since I was travelling at the time, but I wanted to write a few words about what happened:

As I previously said, the aim was to let interested CHI attendees meet members of the SIGCHI RPI community and engage in discussions on RPI issues including the CHI format, dissemination of results, and supporting practice-based research. Elizabeth and Aaron had a fab plan, and asked the 22 participants to self-identify as either:

  1. Researchers concerned that their research isn't being used
  2. Researchers who want to do relevant work but don't know what practitioners need/want
  3. Practitioners who are concerned that research isn't relevant to their work
  4. People who consider themselves a mix of researcher and practitioner.

Attendees then split into groups, where each group contained at least one representative of each attendee 'type'. Groups spent around 45 minutes discussing what each member needs/wants from the other 'types' of attendee, responding to the needs/wants of other attendee 'types', identifying tangible actions and summarising points to bring back to the room as a whole.

This generated quite animated discussion!

I was very pleased to hear that a good 22 people came along to this SIG. We were expecting lots of familiar faces, so it was surprising as well as pleasing to hear that lots of newcomers came along. As well as connecting us with a set of potential new SIGCHI RPI members, the SIG generated various actions and outcomes. Good times.