I'm pleased to say that Elizabeth Buie, Aaron Houssian and I have had a SIG accepted at CHI'13 on the topic of Research Practice Interaction.

Last year at CHI'12 I attended a workshop on the use of theory in practice, which led to the formation of the SIGCHI Research-Practice Interaction community. The goals of the community are to bridge the gap between research and practice, by for example supporting practitioner-friendly dissemination of results, and serving as a conduit for feedback from practitioners to researchers. I'm very pleased to currently be the Vice-Chair of this community.

The purpose of the CHI'13 SIG is to allow interested CHI attendees to meet members of the SIGCHI RPI community, and to engage in discussions on RPI issues including the CHI format, dissemination of results, and supporting practice-based research. We're very open to people bringing topics of their own that need attention, and we have also identified the following three questions as a starting point for discussion:

  1. RPI and the CHI format: how can we find (and advertise) space for practice-oriented research in the CHI conference as it exists now?
  2.  Dissemination of results from CHI to practice: what (non-pay wall) mechanisms exist? (SIGCHI RPI could play a part in this.)
  3.  Supporting practice-based research (PBR): what do we mean by PBR? How do we support it? Can it be an explicit part of CHI that the RPI SIG reviews for?

This session is running tomorrow(!): Tuesday 30th April, room 361 at 11am. Sadly, I shan't be there in person, but I am certain that Elizabeth and Aaron will run a fantastic and accessible session: they have an outstanding plan! Whether you're a researcher or practitioner, please do pop by if this is relevant to your interests.