Alan had a fun idea towards the end of the Tiree Tech Wave 2: why not apply the analytical phase of TAPT to the experience of the TechWave?

So we did :)

TAPT is the method I developed and evaluated in my EngD: it's for analysing and redesigning experiences. So on the final day, the 11 of us at TTW2 each applied the Teasing Apart (analysis) phase to the Tech Wave itself.

I'm still looking over the results, but a few things struck me:

  • one person chose to analyse a specific walk on the beach, rather than TT2 overall (I keep thinking about the "granularity" of experiences: this is yet another example of being able to delve into different levels of something)
  • a few people talked about working with other participants and also having time alone: this is perhaps a theme of the event
  • playing darts and eating ribs for dinner were mentioned by more than one person!

One quote struck me as particularly apt: "It was something in between an artists’ circle and an informal scientific gathering."